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The manual worker rights by Steven Mitchell Sack

Steven Mitchell Sack is the employee’s lawyer called for a reason. Is its mission to protect workers ‘ rights, and he has to impose workplace rights of employees, officers and representatives from more than 30 years. With his book “The employee rights handbook: effective legal strategies to protect your work from interview with Pink Slip” has created an excellent resource for employees, providing information to understand the rights of labor, to protect and assert themselves to collect what is owed. If you’re wondering about your rights in the workplace, this book has the answers.

First of all, this is not a small QuickStart Guide, but a grave thourough covering many areas of labour law. The book is a little less than six hundred pages before the glossary and index reaching beyond the mark of six hundred page. However, despite its length, this book is written in easy to understand language and is full of practical advice. Unfortunately, the law is always changing, so in any law book can become obsolete. Third revised and enlarged edition came out in 2010, and is currently updated. This is the Edition I’m reviewing.

The book is well organized and contains a detailed table of contents and a list of agreements, forms, sample letters and complete checklists are included in the book. And these elements are extremely valuable to the person that intends to use them. Many of the letters they need few changes at work for many people.

A part of the book focuses on how to be taken correctly and contains chapters on avoiding prehiring abuse and the negotiation process. The second part is how to protect your rights on the job and has chapters on employee benefits, recognizing the rights of employees and conduct and discrimination. Three focus is on how to avoid being fired unfairly and what to do if you are and provides chapters in recognizing when he was fired illegally, facing the music and upload and post-termination problems. The final part, part four, is about collecting your debt. The two chapters focus on labour litigation and alternatives and hire a lawyer to protect your rights.

Again, this is a great book with a lot of information. Unless you want to be an expert on employee rights, will most likely be read the sections that are most relevant to your situation. So if you need information regarding the rights as an employee, this very authoritative text is an excellent reference to watch. Lot made complicated information legible and did understand your rights at work accessible to everyone.

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